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Danilchuk Auto Body works with all major insurance companies and is typically on a preferred Auto Body company list to choose from. We welcome new insurance companies to work with us to see how the Danilchuk experience is truly unique.

Average prices. Prices will vary depending on vehicle type

  • Minor damage on corner of bumper/partial refinish: $350
  • Minor damage on bumper/ full refinish: $500

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Eco Hand Car Wash & Protect

$35 cars | $45 SUVs | $55 Trucks/Vans/Large SUVs:

  • Exterior hand wash, wheels and tires shined and cleaned, exterior glass cleaned, vehicle protectant applied

Interior Detail

$149 cars | $169 SUVs | $179 Trucks/Vans/Large SUVs

  • Pet hair and excessive dirt are extra
  • Includes a compressed air blow out of all cracks and crevices, complete scrub of all plastics, dash etc, glass cleaning, and finished off with a hot water shampoo and leather conditioning.

Exterior Detail

$149 cars | $169 SUVs | $179 Trucks/Vans/Large SUVs

  • Includes our eco hand wash, a nano clay bar treatment to remove all road build up, exterior machine buff and duel action polish, and finished off with a hand wax. ( courtesy vacuum included).​

Full Detail (Full interior and exterior)

$248 cars | $288 SUVs | $308 Trucks/Vans/Large SUVs

Paint Correction Services

 from $599

  • It is the process of removing scratches, swirl marks and imperfections from your paint. There are a lot of “retailers” out there that claim they can remove blemishes. Most hide them with products that fill swirls and hide scratches with waxes, silicon and heat. We actually remove the defects. What you see is what you get.

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$149 cars | $169 SUVs | $179 Trucks/Vans/Large SUVs

  • Regular oil : $45.00
  • Semi synthetic: $65.00
  • Full synthetic : $99.00

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Prices will vary depending on vehicle type and part prices

Front Pads and Rotors

  • OEM: $550.00
  • Aftermarket: $400.00

Rear pads and rotors

  • OEM: $550.00
  • Aftermarket: $400.00

Brake pads

  • $200.00 per axle

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